Chaussée de Waterloo 620, Bruxelles, Belgique
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We are all about Family!
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We are a social and support network providing information and services on pregnancy, childbirth and parenting in English.

We run pregnancy information sessions aimed at expectant parents in early pregnancy that would like to learn about the Belgian system when it comes to labour and birth and related administrative aspects when having a baby in Belgium. We offer comprehensive Birth & Parenting courses for first-time parents that prepare for the time before, during and after birth including a range of relaxation techniques, birth position, pain-management, breastfeeding support, basic baby care and much more. For those that have already had a baby we are running Refresher courses that focus on recap and debrief and much more individualised. Our new Hypnobirthing courses are a wonderful alternativ way to release fear and gain confidence in the natural process of birth through relaxation techniques and practical exercises. All our courses are for couples and single parents alike.

We support parents-to-be before, during and after pregnancy with lots of interesting and helpful offerings: IVF support group, pregnant and new mums group, prenatal yoga, TENS machine hire, postnatal mother-t0-mother support, postnatal yoga and pilates, sleep consultation, baby massage to name just a few.

Our members build a wonderful, cosmopolitan family community for everyone to get the chance to meet other families either in their local area (in and around Brussels) or in our Clubhouse in Brussels, Ixelles. Social activities run throughout the week and range from virtual meet-ups and discussions, information talks, to walk & talks in the park, to playgroups and gardening groups in the Clubhouse to park dates, parent nights out and coffee mornings. We are volunteer-run and member-based and are a non-profit organisation. Our annual membership fee for the whole family is 55€ and every family is welcome to join us at any time!  https://bctbelgium.org/get-involved/membership/join-us/


Chaussée de Waterloo 620, Bruxelles, Belgique
Tél: 003222153377
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