Iliti Project…

Some projects are born out of training or even economic opportunities. The “Iliti” project was born from a personal story and an observation. The years go by and the desire to start a family manifests itself. Then, we embark on an adventure without really knowing the issues.

Over the years, we have had the opportunity on several occasions to witness this beautiful spectacle of birth. Each time the script was written the same way.

Family members and friends become parents and they often find themselves with unanswered questions. Being on the other side of the stage, we were able to see what the young parents could face.

The observation was simple. The arrival of a child in a couple requires preparation. Unfortunately, the couple are not always aware of their needs, or they sometimes become aware of them a little late. Which can cause some disappointment, the feeling of having missed something or not having experienced the birth as they imagined.

To try to find solutions, we spoke a long time with midwives including one in particular (my mother) as well as with young mothers to understand where the problem came from. Each time, the same facts were invoked. The difficulty of finding targeted information. Yes, there are news on websites or forums on the subject but the information is scattered around the web and it was difficult for these couples to cross this information and to separate the things between the necessary and the superfluous.

On the other hand, once the birth has taken place, another type of preparation emerges. Postnatal preparation. Some women find it difficult to understand what happens after they return home. Their lives change, habits are no longer the same.

As a result of these multiple discussions, an idea emerged. Offer a web platform where women could find a set of services that will allow them to prepare as best as possible and especially as they wish for the arrival of the Baby. The platform would be called Iliti in reference to the goddess of Greek mythology, Ilithyia, goddess of childbirth.

A web platform where all professionals would be present to offer services that meet the needs of birth preparation. But also a web platform where they can benefit from precise and targeted information on the subject. The goal being that they no longer have to cross information between several sites. They have appropriate information and the possibility of booking a service without having to be on several platforms at the same time.

Following the arrival of a new member in the life of one of our friends, yet another observation is made. In 2020, we decide to create Iliti. A web platform allowing the grouping of services, pre and post natal, intended for future and new mothers.